Hello Friend! I do Backends.

Backend Engineer known for a detailed and methodical approach to building software solutions. Design APIs and Application Software to drive desired business outcomes. Adept at collaborating with product and business stakeholders in industries including B2B Marketing, Real Estate and Identity Verification. As a Solutions Architect, enjoys being responsible for end-to-end implementations from requirements gathering to solution delivery.

Programs in Elixir and Python.

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Exciting path

As a member of the collaborative modelling community - I have successfully conducted multi-stakeholder workshops (EventStorming) to build a common understanding of the problem and business processes.

As a member of the Software Crafters community, I coached fellow engineers in test-driven development and ensemble programming.

I'm ready to learn. And I do it all the time! I like to document and make knowledge extractable (I'm a fan of the Zettelkasten method and Obsidian-like documentation systems).

During my out-of-work time, I like to do city tourism, cook, and meditate.

Some works

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I like good old emails 🤍

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