Hello! I do Product Management.

Here is a portfolio of product artefacts which reflects my understanding of customer-centric product management. All examples are based on public data.

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Product Artefacts

Metrics Hierarchy, Unit Economy, and Profits & Losses

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I have about a decade of experience in delivering multi-stakeholder software projects. I'm ready to navigate a team taking end-to-end responsibility for the product. I know the pitfalls and highways of robust software development as a member of the Software Crafters community.

As a member of the collaborative modellers community - I did successful multi-stakeholder workshops (EventStorming) to build a common shared understanding of the problem and business processes.

I'm ready to learn. And I do so constantly! I like to document and make knowledge extractable (I'm a fan of the Zettelkasten method and Obsidian-like documentation systems).

During my out-of-work time, I like to ride a bike, do city tourism, and meditate.

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